IT and the Future of Work

IT and the future of work

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We are seeing changes in the nature of work for many people. In the ‘West’, we now appear to have accepted that the job for life is a thing of the past. For some time, commentators have talked of the shift from job for life, to career, to portfolio career (sequence of jobs “designed” by you), to the current situation …

The Telemetric Era – predictive analytics and embedded sensors

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Driving Forces of Change There are a number of “forces” that are converging which will change the nature of business and have the potential to transform our lives. Three key forces are: The relentless price-performance improvement in digital computing hardware. The pervasive embedding of sensing and intelligence in everything we touch. The dramatic advances in “smart machines.” The first of …

The Changing Paradigm of Software Economics

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Background – the 5 Value Creation Revolutions We are currently progressing through the most recent technological revolution. The original “Industrial Revolution” began in Great Britain around the 1770s. These revolutions are defined by a fundamental change in the value-creation paradigm which makes that revolution different from prior eras: The Industrial Revolution was based factories; The Railroad Revolution was based on …